Burlap Potato Sack

Written on:October 24, 2010
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(Set of 4) 24″ x 40″ Burlap Potato Sacks
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Burlap sack, potato sack, BURLAP POTATO SACKS! The sack race is back! These burlap potato sacks provide great fun for students, individuals, schools, camps or church outings. Burlap sacks help to develop motor skills and coordination via sack races. These durable and heavy-duty burlap sacks are brand new and ready to provide instant fun! These sacks are 24 inches by 40 inches.

  • (Set of 4) 23.5″ x 40″ burlap potato sacks
  • Heavy-duty burlap bag
  • Great for sack races and field day events

A History Of Potato Sack Races

Written on:March 24, 2011
A History Of Potato Sack Races

By Richard Allen A sack race is a tremendous source of fun at a large party or event. When you gather together all your friends and partygoers, they all climb into their burlap potato sacks, and the race begins (first one to that tree and back wins!), it can be some of the most hilarious fun you can have with each other. You would think that such a simple game…


24″ x 40″ Burlap Potato Sack

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24″ x 40″ Burlap Potato Sack

Sack races are some of the best, most entertaining recreational events you can have with friends. You’ve learned the history and rules of potato sack races, and now you’re no doubt interesting in purchasing a burlap potato sack (or several) for your next big social gathering! Kiddie Toys has a decent quality burlap sacks that you can purchase for your next event. The burlap sacks come in various sizes, but…


A Guide To Burlap Potato Sacks

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A Guide To Burlap Potato Sacks

The sack race has always been one of the staples of any other large outdoor social gathering, be it a picnic among friends and family, a town barbeque in the park, or even something as simple as an elementary school gym class. Aided by its simplicity and the fact that anyone can join and have fun, the sack race is a timeless activity that has been a source of entertainment…